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"Due to lack of planning, large portions of assets accumulated during a lifetime are being abandoned to the government at a tragic rate."

[Estate Planning Quiz]

Our approach helps clients preserve and enhance their estate. Will this service help you? Take this simple quiz to find out.

1. Do you have minor children?

2. Have you moved to another state since your will was drawn?

3. Has it been five years since you reviewed your will?

4. Has the value of your assets changed much since you drafted your will?

5. Has your marital status changed?

6. Would your family struggle upon your death?

A "yes" answer to any of these questions could be a danger signal. Perhaps it is time that your explored our Estate Planning Services.

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The Estate Preservation And Enhancement Approach

We insure the success of this program in the following ways:

1. We develop a thorough under-standing of your unique desires with regard to your estate.

2. We calculate your potential tax exposure based upon the current structure of your estate.

3. We work with you to explore all of the options available to you to achieve your goals.

4. We work as your advisor to coordinate the activities of your attorney, insurance agents and trust officer to implement the plan that most closely meets your requirements.

You can avoid too much estate taxation!

Frequent Techniques We Suggest For You:

1. Gift property you don't use.

2. Take advantage of the annual gift exclusion.

3. Make charitable gifts.

4. Transfer property to your spouse, either during your life or upon your death, tax-free.

5. Set up a life insurance trust to keep the proceeds out of your estate.

6. Set up a living trust.

Clients Using These Services Enjoy The Following Benefits:

  • A maximized estate value
  • Greatly reduced estate and gift taxes
  • Peace of mind of knowing your family will be properly provided for

Most people place a very low priority on estate planning. There are several reasons for these phenomena:

1. We do not want to address issues about our own mortality.

2. We rationalize there are too many other things to take care of first.

3. We believe there will always be time to plan later.

4. We do not totally understand the importance of several easy-to-apply strategies.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma: The Estate Planning Services offered by Pryba, Tobin & Associates, P.C.