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A unique way to obtain affordable professional financial advice.

[Team Management Accounting Quiz]

Our "TMA" approach helps clients improve cash flow and increase profits. Will this service help you? Take this simple quiz to find out.

1. Do you have a written business plan?

2. Do you have formal business goals?

3. Do you take the time to really think about the direction of your business?

4. Do you have all of the financial skills necessary to run your business effectively?

A "no" answer to any of these questions could be a danger signal. Perhaps it is time that you explored our "TMA" services.

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The Team Management Accounting Approach

We insure the success of this program in the following ways:

1. We develop a comprehensive knowledge of your business and competition.

2. We help you establish realistic goals.

3. We help you achieve the goals by developing the appropriate strategies to assure success.

4. We provide effective management and financial reporting systems so that results can be monitored timely.

5. We help you make necessary adjustments to your operating plans to keep you on track.

6. We remain constantly available to meet all of your financial management requirements.